“To make good food you need good ingredients. That’s step one.”

Apply that thinking to writing, and as a writer I’m the chef. My ingredients are the story topics, and the meat of the meal is how I tell the story.
Here’s where the meat meets the potatoes. (Bring on the healthy side items!!)

The interesting12 complementary podcast: …remind me to tell you…

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This supplemental audio content is intended to not only reward current readers, but lay down a welcome mat to new readers and those with more listening time, verses reading time. As a passionate cook of words I’m all about the various flavors….

About the show:
Bimonthly show, roughly 40min in length, with several segments serving as an extension to interesting12.
-Brief intro highlighting a news story topical to the day of recording
-Further analysis and discussion by way of interviews and/or on location additional reporting, on two recent postings.
-One bonus topic discussion not previously mentioned on the website
-Rounded out with a segment called: That’s Fantastic! That will be used to promote or feature the good works of a person, organization, or event.

Back in Sept/Oct 2012 my equipment, the physical tools I use to “cook” with, got a much needed upgrade (because in this digital world my computer is the stove). With help from sponsors, this podcast is brought to you in part by:

  • Lonnie Barnes
  • Sterlean Jackson
  • Gregory Engleberg
  • Linda
  • Becky McNeal
  • Sarah Elger
  • Nils Wessell
  • Ryan Aughtry
  • John Davenport
  • Thomas Ruchti
  • Gillian Turner Cunningham
  • Daniel Reyes
  • Brittany Salsberry
  • Katy Palfrey

Interested in being on the show? Have a topic idea, or want to encourage a specific discussion? I would love to hear from you! Contact me (see below).

If you are a nonprofit organization interested in being profiled on the show please leave your contact information* in the space below and we can discuss a per episode sponsorship fee.

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