I like writing and studying topics under the umbrella of sexuality because it comprises a broad range of behaviors and processes, including physical, psychological, social, and cultural. Sexuality is gender, it's identity, it's orientation, its context, it's biological, it's mental, it's values, it's relationships, it's norms and so called expectations and responses to social institutions. Sexuality and gender topics examine a lot and influence even more-what's not to like?

Maggie Barnes
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  • Clean Water Charity Donations: Comparative Shopping


    Water, water, and not a drop to drink. Well that’s not true for Americans residing on a continent on the higher end of the global water footprint spectrum. We have plenty of clean water. How many times have you seen an advertisement, or more specifically a well-designed infographic, explaining in serious lettering, usually involving a […]

  • The ASMR Phenomenon You Either Completely Understand or Completely Don’t


    I came into the ASMR fold pretty late. I heard about it after my ex crush, failed date, audio journalist, former neighbor (yes, all that), tweeted the article, Meet The Maryland Woman Who Makes A Living By Whispering. That night, I watched her role play that she was a flight attendant, explaining how to put on a seat […]

  • Put a Tooth on It? (And other ring ideas when diamonds just aren’t enough)


    The saying is diamonds are a girls best friend right? That may be true for some, but this writer right here is personally more of a pearls type of gal who fidgets with rings and rarely wears them. Here’s the thing, my Facebook is bursting with wedding announcements and wedding photo profile pics, my TV set […]

  • How Blonde Hair Manages to be Rare and Not, at the Same Time


      An attractive twenty-something year old woman shares with a gentleman that she finds blonde haired men “extra” attractive. He pauses at this admission. He fancies her. But he’s a brunette. “Well I was born blonde,” he shrugs convinced she’s not interested. Meanwhile, she returns his comment with a grin that causes him to pause, […]

  • Can a Judge Sentence a Mother to Not Get Pregnant Again?


    Stop me if you’ve heard this before: a primetime legal drama with an outrageous plot. You’ve seen it happen before, a favorite prime time legal drama, down to the wire seemingly impossible to go the way the home audience expects it to go, yet at the last minute somehow finds it slung shot to victory […]

  • What’s An Easy Bake Oven With No Light Bulb?


    What we have here is a new design that completely strips away the charm of the little oven that could! An Easy Bake Oven without the light bulb accessory is well, an oven. (Read more on the Huff Post) Because the incandescent light bulb does not meet energy efficiency standards, the once famous fake mini […]

  • When the Charlie Sheen Defense Fails, Try, Try Again PTA Mommy Theft.


    A former PTA treasurer in the Cobble Hill (aka Brooklyn) area of New York has been busted for embezzling approximately $100,000 from the school between 2006 and 2008. The upscale spa owner’s second time around motivational claim for the theft was that it was related to psychological and emotional problems steaming from her husband being […]

  • What You Don’t Know about Your State’s Self Defense Laws May Shock You


    I’m a Lifetime movie network kind of gal. I can’t help it. I have been for years. My father also shares my love of those over the top storylines of wives, girlfriends, whoever; kills, stalks, identity theft, steals, their lover, husband, child, boss, next door neighbor, half the time based on a true story, made […]

  • Does a Character with a Mental Disorder Make a Show Must See TV?


    Does a Character with a Mental Disorder Make a Show Must See TV? When is the last time you could count on (more than) your hands and maybe your toes, the instances of mental or neurological disorders showed as TV—where the person was a card carrying member of crazytown and requiring a leash (figuratively speaking) […]

  • Gwyenth Paltrow Learned the Hard Way She Can’t Tweet Out Song Lyrics Without Backlash


    Tweeting the N-Word while white. Why is there fine line in derogatory word use? The short answer is, because context is rarely assumed and attacking the language of others is more fun than paying attention to the words coming out of your own mouth. Case in point, Actress Gwyneth Paltrow receiving serious disapproval for tweeting, “Ni**as […]

  • Why Tattoos are in Every Culture, a History Lesson in Tatts


    Whatever your personal body modification of choice may be, the facts are this: tattoos are popular. I have body art on the brain. I have books about tattoos, my coworkers are tatted up, and my younger sister has a growing and colorful collection herself. I’m practically an oddity with my non-tattooed status. (Even my pastor […]

  • Blow That $150Million Dollar Whistle!!


    What started out as a man frustrated after being told he was over the spending limit of his Medicaid benefits, ended with Federal officials becoming aware to the nation’s largest case of health care fraud! To the tune of $150million big ones!! Richard West, 63, a man with muscular dystrophy went for some dental work […]