I like writing and studying topics under the umbrella of sexuality because it comprises a broad range of behaviors and processes, including physical, psychological, social, and cultural. Sexuality is gender, it's identity, it's orientation, its context, it's biological, it's mental, it's values, it's relationships, it's norms and so called expectations and responses to social institutions. Sexuality and gender topics examine a lot and influence even more-what's not to like?

Maggie Barnes
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  • If I Couldn’t Shop At Target, I’d Miss It Too


    I was just saying the other day to a friend, if I was ever famous for some reason, I’d still shop at Target, because Target is awesome. I live in Los Angeles where the odds of running into a celeb doing something normal and boring, and shopping at the same places I do, is pretty much […]

  • Don’t These Restaurants All Remind You of Subway?


      The Subway brand known for their assembly line, create-your-food-to-your-exact-specifications concept, they are one the originators, but are the pioneers in this style of having food your way? I don’t know anymore more than you do. What I do know is that I like Subway and there seem to be a stream in custom food joints […]

  • What’s Skittles and Tea Got to Do With It? The Shooting of a 17 Year Old


    Why was a 17-year-old African-American boy shot to death last month, crossing the street with a bag of skittles in his pocket and an Arizona Ice Tea in his hand? That’s what Trayvon Martin and police officials are trying to figure out. From within the gated town home community, The Retreat at Twin Lakes in […]

  • Pet Plastic Surgery = Dumb.


    I’m sorry but spending thousand of dollars on “cosmetic” surgery for your pet is just silly. I’m all for taking care of your beloved animal, I’m certainly well cost of pet maintenance and well being can get pretty costly. It it’s a medical need that fine.  But when “you” just think your dog looks “tired”…you’ve […]

  • Then Could a Successful Suicide Be a Double Murder?


    Now here’s a thought…over on theweek.com, there’s a great article that sheds some light on “a growing number of pregnant woman criminalized in the U.S. for losing their unborn babies due to drug use or failed suicide attempts.” Is it murder if a pregnant woman attempts suicide… and the baby dies? Take the case of […]

  • Hey! Who Said You Could Turn Off That Cell Phone Tower?!


    Sometimes I wonder if I’m the only one concerned with the fact that our dependency on electronic computerized products is so extreme that America could pretty much be taken down if we all lost our wireless connection. It’s more than a little ridiculous. For every advantage there’s a disadvantage. The good and evil balance remains […]

  • The United States of Bipolar and Dissociative Identity Disorders


    The United States of Tara was Showtime show about a wife and mother with dissociative identity disorder (D.I.D) — formerly known as multiple personality’s disorder. Maybe it had something to do with the visual depictions of how quickly altered states can come to the surface, but personally every time I watched an episode I couldn’t […]

  • A Mom Breastfeeding a Toddler and the Magazine Cover Everyone Is Talking About


    I like to think that if you can ask for the boob, maybe you’re too old to still be getting it. I’m not a mother with an informed opinion on the matter, I wasn’t breastfeed, and I haven’t really thought about breastfeeding. Put a woman with a kid that looks like he could be in […]

  • Why 100 Dutch Immigrant Children Went Door to Door to Talk to White Families


    The Netherlands have a reputation for tolerance, yet their schools are becoming increasingly segregated. Race or demographics–these students weren’t afraid to have important conversations.

  • The Curious Case of the Romantic Asexual


    By now I think we all know what the text book definitions of heterosexual and homosexual are, but orientations aren’t just sexual– they’re also romantic. In the same sense that a homosexual or heterosexual has a gender preferences in their sexual attraction, and even in the same way that bisexuals, known for their fluidity ability to potentially be […]

  • Can a Judge Sentence a Mother to Not Get Pregnant Again?


    Stop me if you’ve heard this before: a primetime legal drama with an outrageous plot. You’ve seen it happen before, a favorite prime time legal drama, down to the wire seemingly impossible to go the way the home audience expects it to go, yet at the last minute somehow finds it slung shot to victory […]

  • Sex with the Abled and the Differently –Abled


    “You must be tired after the things we did last night.” When you think of sex you likely think of very physical actions that involve a fair amount of movement from two people. In a similar way that sexuality doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone, sexual activity doesn’t look the same to everybody either, and […]