I like writing and studying topics under the umbrella of sexuality because it comprises a broad range of behaviors and processes, including physical, psychological, social, and cultural. Sexuality is gender, it's identity, it's orientation, its context, it's biological, it's mental, it's values, it's relationships, it's norms and so called expectations and responses to social institutions. Sexuality and gender topics examine a lot and influence even more-what's not to like?

Maggie Barnes
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  • Unexpected Tattoo Artist Dilemma: Tattoo Underage Minors?


    There are many things that even if one’s parents give consent for, it’s still not okay exactly… Chuntera Napier, of Acworth, GA thought that with her consent it would be enough for her 10-year-old son get a tattoo in his honor of his 12-year-old brother, who was struck by a car. So she let him. […]

  • 7 Countries with Baby Naming Laws (And Why I’m Glad My Mom’s First Choice Was Cut)


    True story: I have lived the last twenty something years of my life with the moniker of Margaret Elizabeth, but I was thisclose to going through life either Latoya (my dad’s ex-girlfriend’s dog’s name. My dad had a thing for dogs) or Lonness (my mom had a thing for my dad Lonnie.) Some countries don’t […]

  • Bake Sale Plays Race Card to Protest Affirmative Action Bill


    Drama is cooking over at the University of California Berkeley, because of a bake sale by the Campus Republicans where the price of the cookie or brownie depends on your gender and the color of your skin.

  • How Not Knowing about Cell Phone Tracking and Other Technology Is Ridiculous


    R&B artist Rockwell nailed it in 1984 when he sang the lyrics, “I always feel like somebody’s watching me…and I got no privacy.” Privacy is increasingly becoming an illusion, either you can be in on the trick or keep “oooh and ahhh-ing” every time something tracking is revealed. I myself, would rather be in on […]

  • The Sperm Donor Business and How Her Fiance Ended Up Fathering 74 Kids


    One could say it was kismet that I was wearing a The Kids Are All Right promotional movie t-shirt when a documentary on sperm donors came on television. The fictional story line of the Julianne Moore and Annette Benning movie is about two teenage children tracking down their sperm donor biological father and insist on forging […]

  • I Can’t Talk To My Underage 18 Students On Facebook (I’m sooo upset…)


    I Can’t Talk To My Underage 18 Students On Facebook (I’m sooo upset…) If you’re so upset that you can’t talk to you own (under 18) kid on Facebook (who lives with you!!) that you actually feel the need to sue the state (Missouri)–I’d recommend you stop and think about two things: 1. Why would […]

  • True Blood Is Fictional, Vampires Are Not Real. (maybe you should write this down)


    On a not dark and stormy night in St. Petersburg, FL, Milton Ellis, 69, slept in his motorized wheelchair outside a vacant Hooters restaurant, just minding his own business. He awoke to find Josephine Rebecca Smith, 22, of Pensacola, on top of him claiming to be a vampire and proceeding to bite off chunks of […]

  • Can You Spare an Organ? (…an Organ as in Your Face?)


    The first successful organ transplant was in 1954. A kidney between twin brothers. We’ve come a long way since then in body parts going from one person to another. As of the writing of this, 116,901 people are waiting for organs in the United States. From Jan. 2012-Sept 2012 there have been 21,132 transplants performed. […]

  • I Tearfully Sent My Dog to War…(from puppy to hero!)


    I Tearfully Sent My Dog to War…(from puppy to hero!) It would be one thing to send you son or husband off to war, but an entirely different thing to send off Fido the family dog—am I right?!  Well during World War II that’s exactly what many American’s did. I have the current issue of […]

  • Scaptia Plinthina Beyonceae (or the fly named after Beyonce)


    How to make a fly sound as fly as Beyoncé? Name it after her. Queen B, as her fans affectionately call her, meet the scaptia plinthina beyonceae.

  • Clean Water Charity Donations: Comparative Shopping


    Water, water, and not a drop to drink. Well that’s not true for Americans residing on a continent on the higher end of the global water footprint spectrum. We have plenty of clean water. How many times have you seen an advertisement, or more specifically a well-designed infographic, explaining in serious lettering, usually involving a […]

  • Pet Therapy in Prison, Say What? (or… ‘If You Give an Inmate a Pet’)


    If I’m completely honest, I’m the kind of person who respects the notion of going to jail/prison to pay your time for doing the crime. –Without launching into the all too real reality of false imprisonment, and the over use of correctional facilities in place of tactics that would better serve select individuals and committers […]