I like writing and studying topics under the umbrella of sexuality because it comprises a broad range of behaviors and processes, including physical, psychological, social, and cultural. Sexuality is gender, it's identity, it's orientation, its context, it's biological, it's mental, it's values, it's relationships, it's norms and so called expectations and responses to social institutions. Sexuality and gender topics examine a lot and influence even more-what's not to like?

Maggie Barnes
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  • California to REQUIRE the Inclusion of LGBT Contributions in History Text Books


       This past July 14, California became the first state to “require the inclusion of the contributions of gay, lesbian and transgender Americans in school history lessons and textbooks.” Governor Brown says that it’s an, “important step forward for our state.”    

  • A Combination Wedding and Funeral is Not a Good Idea


    A Combination Wedding / Funeral is Not a Good Idea How do you feel about this, Chadil Deffy, also known as Deff Yingyuen (Why? Why? And Why?) wanted to right the wrong of not marrying his longtime girlfriend after 10 years of being together. But his girlfriend died. Did that stop him from finally marrying her–in […]

  • Evolution vs. Creation: Debate Continues w/ Input From 9yr Old Kid


    If this is a round a bout way trying to say that Adam and Eve were probably a really short couple, that’s cool. That’s way more preferable than evolutionist ideology any day. As written up by Live Science, a discovery in our  Closet Human Ancestor May Rewrite Steps in Our Evolution: “A startling mix of human and […]

  • Pet Plastic Surgery = Dumb.


    I’m sorry but spending thousand of dollars on “cosmetic” surgery for your pet is just silly. I’m all for taking care of your beloved animal, I’m certainly well cost of pet maintenance and well being can get pretty costly. It it’s a medical need that fine.  But when “you” just think your dog looks “tired”…you’ve […]

  • Get a Condom, Give a Condom: Share the Glove Lovin’


    This actually is a brilliant concept worthy of discussion and perhaps dare I say applauds? You buy a condom, and another condom is donated to developing country. That’s the plan according to Jim Moscou, the CEO of Sir Richard’s (a condom company). Moscou has recognized the facts that less than 17 percent of the contraceptive […]

  • What Not To Put on Your Facebook Newsfeed: “Got a cute ‘Hostage’ huh.”


    If you were friends of Jason Valdez, you may have seen such a status update yesterday. During a 16 hour hostage stand off, Valdez, wanted on charges of drug possession; real time updated his social network. As SWAT units surrounded the Salt Lake Utah motel where he held a woman captive, inside he made online […]

  • Treatment to Prevent HPV Puts Teen Girl in Virtual “Waking Coma”


    If your 13 year old daughter used to stay awake for more than one hour a day, talk too much like every other teen, and walk around whenever she pleased—before she was injected with the Cervarix vaccine, but after taking it found herself unable to do any of those things—would you really think it were irrational […]

  • Prison Yoga (A Film About a Jail With an Unexpected Rehab Program)


    Prison Yoga is a film by Peter Culley about Robbie Norris. Under the approval of Sheriff C. T. Woody of the Richmond City Jail, Norris has been allowed to teach yoga at the Richmond City, Virginia Jail since April 2008. He has classes three times a week.

  • Does the Norwegian Government Know a Thing or Two About Doing Prison Well?


    “Do you want people who are angry — or people who are rehabilitated?” Come have some coffee, waffles and jam, and sit down to eat with a quiet group of sex offenders. Welcome to Norway’s Halden prison a maximum-security prison host to dangerous and high dangerous criminals, rapists, murderers and pedophiles included. Halden Prison at […]

  • The Human Lie Detector Side Effect of This Communication Disorder


    “He’s lost the ability to comprehend spoken language. To compensate many aphasics become highly sensitive to subtle inflections in speech. When we lie those vocal nuances become more pronounced; most of us wouldn’t notice that, but aphasics do. And for some reason to them its sounds funny.” In other words he’s a human lie detector. […]

  • Scaptia Plinthina Beyonceae (or the fly named after Beyonce)


    How to make a fly sound as fly as Beyoncé? Name it after her. Queen B, as her fans affectionately call her, meet the scaptia plinthina beyonceae.

  • Why Designing Architecturally for the Deaf is the Best Thing Hearing People Can Do for Themselves


    Would you be able to walk into a building and say, “Wow, I’m digging the DeafSpace situation going on in the architectural layout! Nice!” Even if you were a hearing person and informed enough to recognize an intentionally deaf-friendly space, even if you were an architect nerd, even if this were the future and you’d […]