I thought I didn't like science growing up, but I've come to realize it was never science that was boring, it was the boring way it was taught to me. Science refers to a way of pursuing knowledge, not only the knowledge itself. The observation, identification, description, experimental investigation, and theoretical explanation of phenomena. Sometimes it rationally explains things and sometimes it reliably applies information, all I know is that the branches of science including earth and space, social science, life science, physical science, and formal science, certainly make life pretty interesting.

Technology is more than the thing you're reading this on. Yes it's embedded in machines, computers, and devices, but what it is is the conversion of resources into tools; the art, the skill, the cunning of hand to describe the extent to which a society can manipulate its environment. Technology isn't the enemy, depending on how you use it and consider it, it's most definitely your friend. - Maggie Barnes