I thought I didn't like science growing up, but I've come to realize it was never science that was boring, it was the boring way it was taught to me. Science refers to a way of pursuing knowledge, not only the knowledge itself. The observation, identification, description, experimental investigation, and theoretical explanation of phenomena. Sometimes it rationally explains things and sometimes it reliably applies information, all I know is that the branches of science including earth and space, social science, life science, physical science, and formal science, certainly make life pretty interesting.

Technology is more than the thing you're reading this on. Yes it's embedded in machines, computers, and devices, but what it is is the conversion of resources into tools; the art, the skill, the cunning of hand to describe the extent to which a society can manipulate its environment. Technology isn't the enemy, depending on how you use it and consider it, it's most definitely your friend. - Maggie Barnes

  • I Won’t Say You’re Crazy, I’ll Just Say I’m Surprised


                    I’m surprised that these are real disorders Even though I’d like to be able to say Paris Syndrome is an illness my friend Michelle has with this French city, alas it is not. The serious preoccupation with this city that has dictated the decor of her bedroom […]

  • The United States of Bipolar and Dissociative Identity Disorders


    The United States of Tara was Showtime show about a wife and mother with dissociative identity disorder (D.I.D) — formerly known as multiple personality’s disorder. Maybe it had something to do with the visual depictions of how quickly altered states can come to the surface, but personally every time I watched an episode I couldn’t […]

  • The Arresting Case of Pursuing Higher Education


    (And the scandal of it all.) “Dozens of people — said to be family members of the students — were seen climbing the walls of an exam center and flinging answer sheets into various rooms where their wards were writing the exam.” This isn’t the opening shot of a summer blockbuster overlaying highly rhythmic, vibrant, […]

  • Obama: Why Did Warren Buffett Have to Explain This?


    News shows continue to broadcast clips of President Obama remarking the need for higher taxes for those who make more money. My instant reaction is heck yeah. If you have more money, by default that’s what happens—you have more money available to be taxed so it will. Approximately 2 seconds later I give my 2cents […]

  • Apple’s New ResearchKit Brings New Meaning to an Apple a Day Keeping the Doctor Away


      Originally reported by Wired Magazine, after a presentation by Apple Vice President of Operations, Jeff Williams, they poised the question, Can Apple’s ResearchKit Really Change Medical Research?  Medical Researchers + iPhones Users The problem ResearchKit hopes to solve is how to move around big data about disease. The proposed solution was presented in a […]

  • What Street Harassment Looks Like and Why Its a Problem


    What Street Harassment Looks Like and Why Its a Problem I just wanted to walk the grocery store and then catch the bus to church but by the time the church was in sight I was uncomfortably nervous and ready to make a run for it because there was a man who I didn’t know […]

  • Rap Music Helped Him Correct His Auditory Processing Disorder


    Breakfast was over, lunch hadn’t arrived, and I have no problem admitting that croissants were on the brain, when my eating companion attempted to explain to me why he didn’t like Michael Jackson music growing up. Huh? Now he had my attention. It didn’t have anything to do with the fact that Jackson was his […]

  • Can a Judge Sentence a Mother to Not Get Pregnant Again?


    Stop me if you’ve heard this before: a primetime legal drama with an outrageous plot. You’ve seen it happen before, a favorite prime time legal drama, down to the wire seemingly impossible to go the way the home audience expects it to go, yet at the last minute somehow finds it slung shot to victory […]

  • 911 Sleeper: Now That Sounds Like a Personal Problem


    Last month a frantic Maryland woman called 911 because her husband couldn’t breathe. For six minutes she listened to another person breathing: the 911 ambulance dispatcher. While they were asleep. (After the shock of the snoring dispatcher wears off, I invite you to turn your attention to the fact that she listened to this for […]

  • A Table For Bipolar Plus One, a Brief Lesson in Comorbidity


    I blame ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy for where this post is going. But considering a popular network drama is what piqued my interest about the complexities of living life with more than one mental handicap, insert comorbidity, I’m not complaining.

  • Gabby Douglas, The Hair Raising Topic of Relaxers, Olympic Gold, and African American Firsts


    Because we all know the Olympics are actually a hair show and not an athletic competition against the world. We have a brand new Olympic great to add to our history of American firsts in gravity defying, 16 year old, Gabby Douglas. Yet in the excitement of her big win sour criticism has found its […]

  • Even Doctors Think Cursing is Good For You Sometimes


    Can you imagine if you went to your doctor in terrible pain, and their solution was that you just need to curse it out? Maybe it’s an instinct we already have within for short term pain relief. It certainly is something we all sort of figure out how to do. No one invented cursing, or […]