I thought I didn't like science growing up, but I've come to realize it was never science that was boring, it was the boring way it was taught to me. Science refers to a way of pursuing knowledge, not only the knowledge itself. The observation, identification, description, experimental investigation, and theoretical explanation of phenomena. Sometimes it rationally explains things and sometimes it reliably applies information, all I know is that the branches of science including earth and space, social science, life science, physical science, and formal science, certainly make life pretty interesting.

Technology is more than the thing you're reading this on. Yes it's embedded in machines, computers, and devices, but what it is is the conversion of resources into tools; the art, the skill, the cunning of hand to describe the extent to which a society can manipulate its environment. Technology isn't the enemy, depending on how you use it and consider it, it's most definitely your friend. - Maggie Barnes

  • Subject: Kittens banned from YouTube


    Kittens banned from YouTube? Charlie Sheen for president? Let’s be honest. That’s never gonna happen. But one thing we CAN make happen? The beginning of the end of AIDS by 2015. Today, over 6.6 million people are on life-saving treatment and nearly 350,000 babies have been born HIV-free. But we need to do more. Sign […]

  • What Doesn’t Go in Micowaves: Babies


    This isn’t Criss Angel turning a popcorn bag into a popcorn bowl exciting. This is how am I going to look at my microwave the same way again crazy. A Northern California woman, Ka Yang, 29, of Sacramento was recently arrested on murder charges. Concluding a three month investigation, several medical professionals, forensic specialists, and […]

  • Married Couple Forced To Live Together


    Three’s a crowd? Scratch that, make it two being too much…Really?! “It was a “financial imperative” that finally drove an apprehensive Allen Sheinman and Collette Stallone to move in together, after four years of marriage.” To watch the ABC news clip profiling this couple, click here. Too bad I don’t live in NYC, I’d be […]

  • They Didn’t Know They Were Biracial


    Its easier then you think to believe what your family doesn’t tell you.

  • Clean Water Charity Donations: Comparative Shopping


    Water, water, and not a drop to drink. Well that’s not true for Americans residing on a continent on the higher end of the global water footprint spectrum. We have plenty of clean water. How many times have you seen an advertisement, or more specifically a well-designed infographic, explaining in serious lettering, usually involving a […]

  • Why Designing Architecturally for the Deaf is the Best Thing Hearing People Can Do for Themselves


    Would you be able to walk into a building and say, “Wow, I’m digging the DeafSpace situation going on in the architectural layout! Nice!” Even if you were a hearing person and informed enough to recognize an intentionally deaf-friendly space, even if you were an architect nerd, even if this were the future and you’d […]

  • Lady Gaga’s Little Body Has Gained a Little Weight: 6 Reasons Why I Think Its Great


    The gossip world has been a flutter over Lady Gaga’s weight gain. Do her little monsters prefer her better when she’s pissy and skinny? “The 26-year-old pop star made headlines after photos of her performing in Amsterdam showed her figure looking fuller than it has in the past. The pop star recently told radio host […]

  • The Sperm Donor Business and How Her Fiance Ended Up Fathering 74 Kids


    One could say it was kismet that I was wearing a The Kids Are All Right promotional movie t-shirt when a documentary on sperm donors came on television. The fictional story line of the Julianne Moore and Annette Benning movie is about two teenage children tracking down their sperm donor biological father and insist on forging […]

  • Homeless Blog


    Recommended blog: The Homeless Guy

  • If Your Skin Is Blue, Don’t Marry Your Blue Cousin (Advice This Family Didn’t Take)


    People might refer to people as being “people as every color of the rainbow,” but I promise you they aren’t thinking about the color blue. Why is that even a saying—black, brown and white aren’t even really colors on a rainbow. I wondered about this as a kid (do purple people exist mom?) and I […]

  • Would it Be Awkward to Get STD Screened With Your Granddad?


    It’s cute that granny still likes to get her kicks. Viagra helps grandpas continue getting their swerve on. But hearing about either of them getting a STD at their age…well that’s unsettling. The elderly have to be reminded of a lot of things the older they get…where their glasses are, did they put on their […]

  • Is There a Certain Race Mindy Lahir (a South Asian Indian) Should Date? (No. So Shut Up)


    Mindy Lahir can date all the white guys she wants. The Mindy Project, also known as one of my favorite shows ever, just had their season two winter finale. After I finished screaming in response to the last scene that was an episode one season one plot point FINALLY coming to pass, another thought found […]