I thought I didn't like science growing up, but I've come to realize it was never science that was boring, it was the boring way it was taught to me. Science refers to a way of pursuing knowledge, not only the knowledge itself. The observation, identification, description, experimental investigation, and theoretical explanation of phenomena. Sometimes it rationally explains things and sometimes it reliably applies information, all I know is that the branches of science including earth and space, social science, life science, physical science, and formal science, certainly make life pretty interesting.

Technology is more than the thing you're reading this on. Yes it's embedded in machines, computers, and devices, but what it is is the conversion of resources into tools; the art, the skill, the cunning of hand to describe the extent to which a society can manipulate its environment. Technology isn't the enemy, depending on how you use it and consider it, it's most definitely your friend. - Maggie Barnes

  • It’s Like She’s The Little Mermaid


       Double amputee Nadia of New Zealand had her life changed thanks to a special prosthetic tail. A medical condition at the age of four caused her to lose both legs, but even though most sports were out of the picture Nadia fell in love with swimming. A letter to Peter Jackson’s specialty costume studio apart of […]

  • Is Employment Nervousness Giving People Asthma?


    Shortness of breath, chest tightness, inflamed and narrowed airways, wheezing, coughing, the illness that makes breathing feel about as comfortable as breathing through a straw is for any extended length of time. In the same way that asthma is a struggle to live with; it is a struggle for doctors to understand even though the […]

  • Vaginal Atresia (Or When You’re a Women Born With No Vagina)


    The commercial starts with a confused man saying, “Francis told me she was born without a vagina. I’d never heard of that before.” Around the eighth time this commercial played over a two hour period, I had to look it up.

  • Pet Therapy in Prison, Say What? (or… ‘If You Give an Inmate a Pet’)


    If I’m completely honest, I’m the kind of person who respects the notion of going to jail/prison to pay your time for doing the crime. –Without launching into the all too real reality of false imprisonment, and the over use of correctional facilities in place of tactics that would better serve select individuals and committers […]

  • Does a Character with a Mental Disorder Make a Show Must See TV?


    Does a Character with a Mental Disorder Make a Show Must See TV? When is the last time you could count on (more than) your hands and maybe your toes, the instances of mental or neurological disorders showed as TV—where the person was a card carrying member of crazytown and requiring a leash (figuratively speaking) […]

  • She May Have a 20-Inch Waist, but This Model Is No Record Holder


       Romanian model, Loana Spangenberg is causing a stir with her natural 20-inch waist, off set by 32 in hips.Warning: images are dramatic! (Click here to see more)How so thin? Spangenberg claims to have tried everything and cannot gain an ounce around her midsection. “No one seems to believe it, but every day I eat three big meals […]

  • Hey! Who Said You Could Turn Off That Cell Phone Tower?!


    Sometimes I wonder if I’m the only one concerned with the fact that our dependency on electronic computerized products is so extreme that America could pretty much be taken down if we all lost our wireless connection. It’s more than a little ridiculous. For every advantage there’s a disadvantage. The good and evil balance remains […]

  • Pet Plastic Surgery = Dumb.


    I’m sorry but spending thousand of dollars on “cosmetic” surgery for your pet is just silly. I’m all for taking care of your beloved animal, I’m certainly well cost of pet maintenance and well being can get pretty costly. It it’s a medical need that fine.  But when “you” just think your dog looks “tired”…you’ve […]

  • How Blonde Hair Manages to be Rare and Not, at the Same Time


      An attractive twenty-something year old woman shares with a gentleman that she finds blonde haired men “extra” attractive. He pauses at this admission. He fancies her. But he’s a brunette. “Well I was born blonde,” he shrugs convinced she’s not interested. Meanwhile, she returns his comment with a grin that causes him to pause, […]

  • Scientist Predicts A Cure For Aging (I predict I’ll still look like granny)


    Biomedical gerontologist, Aubrey de Grey, predicts that the first person who will live to see their 150th birthday is alive and kicking. And the first person, who will live for 1,000 years, as they did at one point in Biblical years, is maybe only 20 years that other person’s junior. Sounds to me like this […]

  • “Change your hair or you’re FIRED!”


    Texas real estate escrow officer, Sandra Rawline found her services “no longer needed” (after 10 years of service) following requests by her employer to dye her gray hair. Rawline began graying naturally when she was in her 20’s and has always embraced it. Her employer at Capital Title of Texas claims that it was the clients […]

  • Trevor Noah: Depiction of a Comedian Told Through Headlines


    If you didn’t know a single thing about comedian Trevor Noah and only had this brief list of soundbites/headlines, what would you think of him?