Ah race...the social grouping of a group of people who share similar and distinct physical characteristics and perceived traits. A concept used to used to signify different types of human bodies even though there is no biological basis for the classification of, just a means to organize groups of people based on similar skin color and physical appearance. Scientist may discourage collective differentiation of it, but since we've yet to agree with scientist on that on front, might as well discuss it. - Maggie Barnes


Best known as the branch of knowledge dealing with past, notable for important, unusual, or interesting events, acts, or ideas that can, will, or have shaped our present. We explore history to tap into curiosity and think about how that happened, and maybe even why. - Maggie Barnes


Culture, you know, those predominating attitudes and behaviors that characterize a group or organization. All those complexities of arts, beliefs, customs, institutions, and other products of human work and thought, with regard to particular times, social groups, and acquired habits. The concept of culture covers expression to principles, and that intangible heritage to ethnic groups, nations, and subcategories, is fascinating wouldn't you agree?

  • When the Charlie Sheen Defense Fails, Try, Try Again PTA Mommy Theft.


    A former PTA treasurer in the Cobble Hill (aka Brooklyn) area of New York has been busted for embezzling approximately $100,000 from the school between 2006 and 2008. The upscale spa owner’s second time around motivational claim for the theft was that it was related to psychological and emotional problems steaming from her husband being […]

  • Rap Music Helped Him Correct His Auditory Processing Disorder


    Breakfast was over, lunch hadn’t arrived, and I have no problem admitting that croissants were on the brain, when my eating companion attempted to explain to me why he didn’t like Michael Jackson music growing up. Huh? Now he had my attention. It didn’t have anything to do with the fact that Jackson was his […]

  • Vaginal Atresia (Or When You’re a Women Born With No Vagina)


    The commercial starts with a confused man saying, “Francis told me she was born without a vagina. I’d never heard of that before.” Around the eighth time this commercial played over a two hour period, I had to look it up.

  • Could Saving Up All Year to Give Your Money Away to Charity – Become a Thing?


    If word continues to spread of how Charity Buzz collects proceeds for well deserving nonprofits, it just may well be. We already know that the end of the year is a favorite time to give, and retailers favorite time to receive.  It’s also when nonprofits take in the bulk of their donation dollars too—perhaps we’re off […]

  • Talk To Me In Your Sexy Man Voice


    A new study has psychologist claiming that women remember what men say better, when they say it with deep, manly, voices. “The study authors write that their results “indicate for the first time, so far as we are aware, that signals from the opposite sex important for mate choice affect the accuracy of women’s memory.” […]

  • New Truancy Laws and the Parents That Might Go to Jail Because of Them


    Let me get this straight: if your child misses a little over a dozen days of school within say 90 days, mom and dad may be arrested?! Yes that would be true according to the truancy court in Palm Beach, Florida. (This also sounds like something that shouldn’t be broadcast to the students themselves. Keep […]

  • Bring on the Jury Duty! (Unless You’re Deaf, Then Nevermind?)


    Full Disclosure: I’ve actually posted this as my Facebook status: Who just got a summons for jury duty at the end of next month? (Points finger at self) who is EXCITED about it?! (Jumps up and down and points finger at self!!) Am I the only person who’s ever wanted jury duty? Surly I can’t […]

  • French Woman Sues Ex-Husband For Not Having Sex With Her–And Wins!


    Article 215 of France’s civil code states that married couples must agree to a shared communal life.  Should that mean before couples set themselves up for the dearly beloved we are gathered here today shindig, they ought to coordinate out their sex wants. “Honey I’m gonna want to roll in the hay at least this […]

  • Today’s Little Girl is Tomorrow’s Grown Woman


    I love little girls. Maybe that has something to do with being an adult woman now, former little girl, myself. Girls are speaking up at younger and younger ages in calling out inequalities they see, they are making their complaints known! I dig it. Equality for women has come a long way, and it’s great to […]

  • Pet Therapy in Prison, Say What? (or… ‘If You Give an Inmate a Pet’)


    If I’m completely honest, I’m the kind of person who respects the notion of going to jail/prison to pay your time for doing the crime. –Without launching into the all too real reality of false imprisonment, and the over use of correctional facilities in place of tactics that would better serve select individuals and committers […]

  • Fat Pets Aren’t Cute (not even in a super bowl commerical)


    One or two—okay millions—of you probably found Volkswagen’s 2012 Super Bowl commercial to be somewhat of a hoot. But the epidemic that is the rise of the overweight pet is anything but humorous. According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, the majority of adult dogs and cats in U.S. homes, we’re talking 53% of adult […]

  • Get a Condom, Give a Condom: Share the Glove Lovin’


    This actually is a brilliant concept worthy of discussion and perhaps dare I say applauds? You buy a condom, and another condom is donated to developing country. That’s the plan according to Jim Moscou, the CEO of Sir Richard’s (a condom company). Moscou has recognized the facts that less than 17 percent of the contraceptive […]