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  • Gwyenth Paltrow Learned the Hard Way She Can’t Tweet Out Song Lyrics Without Backlash


    Tweeting the N-Word while white. Why is there fine line in derogatory word use? The short answer is, because context is rarely assumed and attacking the language of others is more fun than paying attention to the words coming out of your own mouth. Case in point, Actress Gwyneth Paltrow receiving serious disapproval for tweeting, “Ni**as […]

  • Can a Judge Sentence a Mother to Not Get Pregnant Again?


    Stop me if you’ve heard this before: a primetime legal drama with an outrageous plot. You’ve seen it happen before, a favorite prime time legal drama, down to the wire seemingly impossible to go the way the home audience expects it to go, yet at the last minute somehow finds it slung shot to victory […]

  • There’s a Thin Line Between Prostitution…and Everything Else


    I love to tell the story of how years ago a co-worker and I went to a ‘Hooker Beauty Pageant’.  Let me explain to you up front that no the show did not involve actual sex workers. The show was created by a female artist with a love for heavily tattooed, pin up style ladies. […]

  • It’s Like She’s The Little Mermaid


       Double amputee Nadia of New Zealand had her life changed thanks to a special prosthetic tail. A medical condition at the age of four caused her to lose both legs, but even though most sports were out of the picture Nadia fell in love with swimming. A letter to Peter Jackson’s specialty costume studio apart of […]

  • How Blonde Hair Manages to be Rare and Not, at the Same Time


      An attractive twenty-something year old woman shares with a gentleman that she finds blonde haired men “extra” attractive. He pauses at this admission. He fancies her. But he’s a brunette. “Well I was born blonde,” he shrugs convinced she’s not interested. Meanwhile, she returns his comment with a grin that causes him to pause, […]

  • Out: Biting Off Ears; In Biting Off Penis’s (umm…not)


    “Father Bites Off Son’s Penis.” Let me repeat that, A FATHER BIT OFF HIS SON’S PENIS!!!!!!! The Shanghai Daily recently reported a story of a 6-year-old boy, who while walking naked down the street with his father and sister, after refusing to bite his dad’s penis, was subjected to his father ripping off his. Just […]

  • A Mom Breastfeeding a Toddler and the Magazine Cover Everyone Is Talking About


    I like to think that if you can ask for the boob, maybe you’re too old to still be getting it. I’m not a mother with an informed opinion on the matter, I wasn’t breastfeed, and I haven’t really thought about breastfeeding. Put a woman with a kid that looks like he could be in […]

  • French Woman Sues Ex-Husband For Not Having Sex With Her–And Wins!


    Article 215 of France’s civil code states that married couples must agree to a shared communal life.  Should that mean before couples set themselves up for the dearly beloved we are gathered here today shindig, they ought to coordinate out their sex wants. “Honey I’m gonna want to roll in the hay at least this […]

  • Sex with the Abled and the Differently –Abled


    “You must be tired after the things we did last night.” When you think of sex you likely think of very physical actions that involve a fair amount of movement from two people. In a similar way that sexuality doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone, sexual activity doesn’t look the same to everybody either, and […]

  • Worst (aka dumbest) Things To Do In Court


    A couple of things you’d never think lawyers would consider debriefing their clients on before facing a judge in charge of throwing the book at them. A Texas judge recently said to 17-year-old defendant Corey Webb, “I don’t know how you were raised, but peeing in a trash can in a state district courtroom is […]

  • Ad in London: For Women ONLY!! No Men Allowed.


    Fact or Fiction? An ad that uses facial recognition to determine the gender of a person and decide which ad to show them? Fact. A bus stop with this particular type of ad was created as part of a campaign to improve education options for young women in developing countries. With this technology if you’re […]