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  • Conversion Disorder: The Bizarre Condition That Made My Head Twitch


    The summer when I was fifteen I looked like I had Tourette’s syndrome. It was temporary. Confused? Well imagine how I felt. I was never diagnosed with anything. I didn’t really talk about, but for several months I clearly had a tic. Embarrassed the heck out of me. Many recognize Tourette syndrome only by the […]

  • Talk To Me In Your Sexy Man Voice


    A new study has psychologist claiming that women remember what men say better, when they say it with deep, manly, voices. “The study authors write that their results “indicate for the first time, so far as we are aware, that signals from the opposite sex important for mate choice affect the accuracy of women’s memory.” […]

  • I Effin Live There ( In Ireland That Is)


                          Where do you live? I effin live in Effin, Ireland. Yeah if I worked at Facebook I’d wouldn’t believe you either. The Irish town with the (seemingly) offensive name has finally been acknowledged as a real place, where real people live. Effin is a townland […]

  • Vaginal Atresia (Or When You’re a Women Born With No Vagina)


    The commercial starts with a confused man saying, “Francis told me she was born without a vagina. I’d never heard of that before.” Around the eighth time this commercial played over a two hour period, I had to look it up.

  • Scaptia Plinthina Beyonceae (or the fly named after Beyonce)


    How to make a fly sound as fly as Beyoncé? Name it after her. Queen B, as her fans affectionately call her, meet the scaptia plinthina beyonceae.

  • What No One Is Saying about the Demisexual Sexual Orientation


    Life isn’t as simple as, sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t; particularly by way of how we identify ourselves sexually. Take the term demisexual, it is a sexual orientation that sits on the lines of from being “halfway between” sexual and asexual. Our sexual orientation speaks to our feelings, interests and beliefs, […]

  • Subject: Kittens banned from YouTube


    Kittens banned from YouTube? Charlie Sheen for president? Let’s be honest. That’s never gonna happen. But one thing we CAN make happen? The beginning of the end of AIDS by 2015. Today, over 6.6 million people are on life-saving treatment and nearly 350,000 babies have been born HIV-free. But we need to do more. Sign […]

  • If You Wanna Know If He Loves You So: It’s in His “Hiss”


    The Bronx Zoo didn’t get that memo. Check out their new gift idea: Name a Roach.

  • The Curious Case of the Romantic Asexual


    By now I think we all know what the text book definitions of heterosexual and homosexual are, but orientations aren’t just sexual– they’re also romantic. In the same sense that a homosexual or heterosexual has a gender preferences in their sexual attraction, and even in the same way that bisexuals, known for their fluidity ability to potentially be […]

  • What Doesn’t Go in Micowaves: Babies


    This isn’t Criss Angel turning a popcorn bag into a popcorn bowl exciting. This is how am I going to look at my microwave the same way again crazy. A Northern California woman, Ka Yang, 29, of Sacramento was recently arrested on murder charges. Concluding a three month investigation, several medical professionals, forensic specialists, and […]

  • Obama: Why Did Warren Buffett Have to Explain This?


    News shows continue to broadcast clips of President Obama remarking the need for higher taxes for those who make more money. My instant reaction is heck yeah. If you have more money, by default that’s what happens—you have more money available to be taxed so it will. Approximately 2 seconds later I give my 2cents […]

  • Rap Music Helped Him Correct His Auditory Processing Disorder


    Breakfast was over, lunch hadn’t arrived, and I have no problem admitting that croissants were on the brain, when my eating companion attempted to explain to me why he didn’t like Michael Jackson music growing up. Huh? Now he had my attention. It didn’t have anything to do with the fact that Jackson was his […]