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  • 2 Millennials Have an Impromptu Racial Conversation and “White Guilt” Comes Up


    My friend, bless his heart, feels like he has a touch of what he openly describes as “white guilt.” White guilt is a type of guilt felt by some for harm resulting from racist treatment of people of color by whites both historically and currently. Even though his family tree has been traced back  far enough that he knows his lineage immigrated […]

  • Teen Preps to Avoid Paying Future Mortgage Bill


    Sixteen-year-old Austin Hay of Santa Rosa, Calif., has been sleeping in a work-in-progress 130 square foot “tiny home” in his parents’ backyard for months. The project came about because “like every teenager, I want to move out,” says Hay. The wise beyond his years practical carpenter doesn’t believe that bigger is better, “bigger house equals […]

  • Why 100 Dutch Immigrant Children Went Door to Door to Talk to White Families


    The Netherlands have a reputation for tolerance, yet their schools are becoming increasingly segregated. Race or demographics–these students weren’t afraid to have important conversations.

  • Prison Yoga (A Film About a Jail With an Unexpected Rehab Program)


    Prison Yoga is a film by Peter Culley about Robbie Norris. Under the approval of Sheriff C. T. Woody of the Richmond City Jail, Norris has been allowed to teach yoga at the Richmond City, Virginia Jail since April 2008. He has classes three times a week.

  • Gwyenth Paltrow Learned the Hard Way She Can’t Tweet Out Song Lyrics Without Backlash


    Tweeting the N-Word while white. Why is there fine line in derogatory word use? The short answer is, because context is rarely assumed and attacking the language of others is more fun than paying attention to the words coming out of your own mouth. Case in point, Actress Gwyneth Paltrow receiving serious disapproval for tweeting, “Ni**as […]

  • A Coughing Fit Revealed a Cancerous Tumor and Saved This Woman’s Life


    Claire Osborn, 37, of the UK, was minding her own business, driving down the road when she “felt a tickle in her throat”. That tickle was a heart-shaped lump of liver-colored tissue, and she coughed it up. Whereas I might have thought it was left over lunch, Osborn, feeling something was off, immediately went to […]

  • The Human Lie Detector Side Effect of This Communication Disorder


    “He’s lost the ability to comprehend spoken language. To compensate many aphasics become highly sensitive to subtle inflections in speech. When we lie those vocal nuances become more pronounced; most of us wouldn’t notice that, but aphasics do. And for some reason to them its sounds funny.” In other words he’s a human lie detector. […]

  • The Curious Case of the Romantic Asexual


    By now I think we all know what the text book definitions of heterosexual and homosexual are, but orientations aren’t just sexual– they’re also romantic. In the same sense that a homosexual or heterosexual has a gender preferences in their sexual attraction, and even in the same way that bisexuals, known for their fluidity ability to potentially be […]

  • Cocktails & Base Jumping (An Elaborate Way to Dine & Ditch)


    We all can agree that drinking then driving is a bad idea. Maybe it’s just me, but base jumping after cocktails doesn’t sound particularly safe either. A group of Aussie thrill seekers decided to go ahead and risk it—taking ditching and diving to a whole new level! Four men, unsuspectingly enough, dressed in business suits […]

  • Obama: Why Did Warren Buffett Have to Explain This?


    News shows continue to broadcast clips of President Obama remarking the need for higher taxes for those who make more money. My instant reaction is heck yeah. If you have more money, by default that’s what happens—you have more money available to be taxed so it will. Approximately 2 seconds later I give my 2cents […]

  • Three Way From Hell: Soy and Aspartame Plus Every Other Crystal Light Ingredient


    As I stood in the powered drink section looking at the options I admit I was impressed by Crystal Light’s new packaging,  but in the back of my head I had this nagging feeling that I shouldn’t drink this beverage. I didn’t listen, this is what happened, and why you should take note. This is […]

  • Wait–The ’30 Minutes or Less’ Plot Actually Happened?!


    In significantly less then 30minutes I went from being excited about the new comedy “30 Minutes or Less,” to being like OMG I JUST SAW SOMEONE PRETTY MUCH BLOW UP IN REAL LIFE!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah. You can see the video here too of the 2008 Fox News Special: Final Delivery; the Pizza Driver Mystery You can […]