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  • H&M Says No to Editing Female Bodies and Yes to Copy and Pasting Heads on Dummies


    What’s the world coming to when even classically thin models aren’t shaping up to pictorial preference? Or is this a case of Photoshop experts being too lazy to at least work at (unreasonably) whittling down their female models actual bodies. Clothing giant H&M was recently outed for using computer created bodies attached to real life […]

  • Another Installment of: Donald Trump Fires Celebrities


    It’s BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!!! Well almost. February 12th (Sundays on NBC) will bring the return of the only version of The Apprentice that in my opinion anyone should give a rip about: Celebrity Apprentice. It’s fifth season and 2012 cast members list has been revealed: Let’s start with the slew of singers, always fun. Debbie Gibson: Singer. […]

  • Unexpected Tattoo Artist Dilemma: Tattoo Underage Minors?


    There are many things that even if one’s parents give consent for, it’s still not okay exactly… Chuntera Napier, of Acworth, GA thought that with her consent it would be enough for her 10-year-old son get a tattoo in his honor of his 12-year-old brother, who was struck by a car. So she let him. […]

  • Finally an Alarm Clock That Only Wakes You Up (and Not Everyone Else Nearby)


    Julia Hu, creator of the personal alarm that’s actually personal. Where were you when I was in college and my roommate’s alarm was constantly waking me up? I was class of ’07, if only you’d created the idea behind Lark sooner. Marie Claire magazine has a great article in their current November issue profiling the 16 […]

  • Why 100 Dutch Immigrant Children Went Door to Door to Talk to White Families


    The Netherlands have a reputation for tolerance, yet their schools are becoming increasingly segregated. Race or demographics–these students weren’t afraid to have important conversations.

  • This Just In: Virgina Lottery Winner Too Busy to Claim Their Money


    There’s $100K out there with your name on it. What do you do about it? Nothing. If that’s the case explain why you entered the lottery in the first place? Just felt like dropping a few Washington’s but decided to be cavalier on checking those numbers?   That’s the impression a Virginia ticket holder gave […]

  • Homeless Blog


    Recommended blog: The Homeless Guy

  • Is Watching Shock Torture Videos How We Should be Talking About Child Abuse?


      Uganda Baby Brutally Assaulted: Maid Charged With Attempted Murder After ‘Torture’ Video Goes Viral—and my question is why did they put this video online? I came across this courtesy of the International Business Times, UK Edition. I haven’t watched the Youtube video (I am not linking to it) and I have no interest in doing so. […]

  • “Beware the Uniboob”


                    A good review on doesn’t mean awesomeness This definitely goes for plastic surgery. “Beware the Uniboob” Even if my best friend for life recommended someone, I‘d still do additional research on a plastic surgeon’s background. (This isn’t like a sushi recommendation!!) Dinora Rodriguez didn’t. Rodriguez found her […]

  • Any Last Meal Requests?


    The concept of “last meal” for condemned prisoners is a long-standing custom around the world. Generally, the day before execution prisoners receive a meal and/or religious rites, if their countries allows, of their choice. Why are we so interested in last meals.

  • Another Ban In China (now against entertaining TV)


    As radical as it may sound at first, is China’s new ban on “overly entertaining programs” really so bad? We’re really caught up in our freedoms and liberties here in America; but I think if we’re honest about it hurts us in a lot of ways too. Now avoid freaking out, hear out a discussion… […]

  • Put a Tooth on It? (And other ring ideas when diamonds just aren’t enough)


    The saying is diamonds are a girls best friend right? That may be true for some, but this writer right here is personally more of a pearls type of gal who fidgets with rings and rarely wears them. Here’s the thing, my Facebook is bursting with wedding announcements and wedding photo profile pics, my TV set […]