Apple’s New ResearchKit Brings New Meaning to an Apple a Day Keeping the Doctor Away

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  Originally reported by Wired Magazine, after a presentation by Apple Vice President of Operations, Jeff Williams, they poised the question, Can Apple’s ResearchKit Really Change Medical Research?  Medical Researchers + iPhones Users The problem ResearchKit hopes to solve is how to move around big data about disease. The proposed solution was presented in a […]

Brain Dead: A Tale of Two Women

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What does being dead really mean these days? Two women are currently in the news with headlines asking the question: “Should they be kept alive?” Meanwhile, they both were declared dead, weeks ago. The cases of Jahi McMath, 13 and Marlise Munoz, 33 have caused quite the stir in their respective states of California and Texas. Two […]

When Genes in our DNA Go #tbt on Us (a case of atavism)

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Sometimes it really looks like our genetic coding plays tricks on us. DNA, full name deoxribonuclei acid, is the self-replicating material present in nearly all of living organisms, as the main constitute of chromosomes. These inherited chromosomes are our blueprint for life. Sometimes they do unexpected things and we stand back thinking, where have we seen […]

Can You Spare an Organ? (…an Organ as in Your Face?)

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The first successful organ transplant was in 1954. A kidney between twin brothers. We’ve come a long way since then in body parts going from one person to another. As of the writing of this, 116,901 people are waiting for organs in the United States. From Jan. 2012-Sept 2012 there have been 21,132 transplants performed. […]

Would You Take an on Demand Amnesia Pill?

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Lacunar amnesia is the kind of amnesia that is the loss of only one specific event. It leaves a gap in one’s memory, pretty similar to getting blackout drunk. If you enjoyed the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, you are well aware that the movie’s plot centered on the capabilities of a company specializing in the removal of all […]

How Blonde Hair Manages to be Rare and Not, at the Same Time

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  An attractive twenty-something year old woman shares with a gentleman that she finds blonde haired men “extra” attractive. He pauses at this admission. He fancies her. But he’s a brunette. “Well I was born blonde,” he shrugs convinced she’s not interested. Meanwhile, she returns his comment with a grin that causes him to pause, […]

Subject: Kittens banned from YouTube

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Kittens banned from YouTube? Charlie Sheen for president? Let’s be honest. That’s never gonna happen. But one thing we CAN make happen? The beginning of the end of AIDS by 2015. Today, over 6.6 million people are on life-saving treatment and nearly 350,000 babies have been born HIV-free. But we need to do more. Sign […]