When Koreans React to Her Being Black

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She’s an American from Georgia with two parents who identify as black. She identifies as black. She’s very light-skinned. Because everyone has something to say about it, her experience is that sometimes its easier for her to say she’s mixed, and move on–for their sake. Listen to her share why.

Clean Water Charity Donations: Comparative Shopping

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Water, water, and not a drop to drink. Well that’s not true for Americans residing on a continent on the higher end of the global water footprint spectrum. We have plenty of clean water. How many times have you seen an advertisement, or more specifically a well-designed infographic, explaining in serious lettering, usually involving a […]

When Genes in our DNA Go #tbt on Us (a case of atavism)

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Sometimes it really looks like our genetic coding plays tricks on us. DNA, full name deoxribonuclei acid, is the self-replicating material present in nearly all of living organisms, as the main constitute of chromosomes. These inherited chromosomes are our blueprint for life. Sometimes they do unexpected things and we stand back thinking, where have we seen […]

Why Tattoos are in Every Culture, a History Lesson in Tatts

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Whatever your personal body modification of choice may be, the facts are this: tattoos are popular. I have body art on the brain. I have books about tattoos, my coworkers are tatted up, and my younger sister has a growing and colorful collection herself. I’m practically an oddity with my non-tattooed status. (Even my pastor […]